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  • ApowerRecover (1 PC - Lifetime) ApowerRecover (1 PC - Lifetime)

ApowerRecover - 1 PC (Lifetime)

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ApowerRecover is only valid for Windows, please choose right version.

ApowerRecover is a desktop program that can recover deleted data for your Windows computer, hard drives, memory cards, camcorders, digital cameras, external disk, etc. It supports standard scan, deep scan, and preview data.

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  1. Recover Deleted Files Comprehensively
    ata can be easily lost by accidental deleting, formatting, virus infection and improper actions. The software will help you get it back. It can safely recover deleted files on the Windows PC, whether they are in the computer hard drive, external hard disk, memory cards, digital cameras, camcorders, or flash drives. And it can retrieve various types of data in almost all kinds of formats, such as photos, audios, videos, documents, archives, emails, etc.
  2. Restore Deleted Files Intelligently
    The program offers three modes to help its users to restore lost files in a smart way. If you remember where your files are stored, you can choose their location directly and get them back. If you don't remember, you can scan the whole computer to find them. And if you can't find your partition, the application can even let you select and search the drive to recover your data.Better yet, if you still cannot find the data you want, you can go to "Deep Scan" below the search result and it will detect the area more deeply to help you get the needed items.
  3. User-friendly Data Recovery Operation
    Unlike other recovery tools, this software has a clean and clear interface that even the newbie can easily understand how to retrieve their lost files. You can choose all kinds of files as well as a certain type of data to scan and recover. Also, you can choose a specific scan or a thorough search as you like. During the scanning process, you can pause, continue or stop scanning at any time. When the detection is finished, you can see the details of the deleted items which may help you save time and storage space, because you won't get the unwanted files mistakenly. And you can feel safe utilizing this software as your data can be easily restored without loss.
  4. Restore Deleted Files Easily
    This software is really easy to use. Just launch it on the computer, check the files type you want to recover and select the appropriate mode according to your situation. The application will start scanning your computer or drives automatically. After that, the items will be displayed in two ways – Path and File Type. As the names imply, Path will show you where you delete the item from, while File Type will separate the detected items into different categories according to their types. Choose the files and recover them to the specific location.
  5. Best Hard Drive Recovery Software
    No matter how you lost your precious data stored in hard drives, you can find and retrieve it with the help of this excellent program. Whether you are a tech expert or a beginner, you can easily operate this software and master in how to restore deleted files. Specialized in recovering, the application works well in assisting people obtaining lost data and offers best services for users while they are using the program. These make it the best option one can have when encountering such problems.

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  1.  Zeeshan
    For they price they ask for - it's a 100% valuable offer. I'd recommend it without any doubts. review by Zeeshan on 25/04/2023

    For they price they ask for - it's a 100% valuable offer. I'd recommend it without any doubts.

  2. Aristeidis Triantafyllos
    Use it for the first time and find it very convinient. review by Aristeidis Triantafyllos on 14/03/2023

    Use it for the first time and find it very convinient.

  3.  Sandy Binnie
    Received my order very quickly! review by Sandy Binnie on 06/11/2022

    Received my order very quickly!

  4.  Ramírez
    Great deals! review by Ramírez on 04/10/2022

    Quick and good site! I love

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