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  • MacBooster 8 Lifetime Subscription MacBooster 8 Lifetime Subscription

MacBooster 8 Lifetime Subscription

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MacBooster 8 is a mac optimizer that can clean up to 20 types of junk files along with protecting your computer from Malware. It can enhance your Mac’s performance by optimizing your Mac hard disk.

It searches and helps you to get rid of large and old files which takes up a significant amount of disk space on your computer. It locates and allows you to decide whether you want to keep them or eliminate them.

Along with uninstalling an app, it removes all the residual and junk files on your Mac in a single click. With duplicate finder, you can search and delete all the duplicate files on your Mac in a few moments.


MacBooster 8 keeps your Photos on Mac organized by eliminating similar and duplicate images on your computer. This mac cleaner program can fix disk permission issues and optimize the disk space to enhance your Mac performance to the best. Also, if any of the apps is taking more memory than it should, it helps you optimize that, therefore freeing up inactive memory.

The mac clean up app can manage the login items which could unnecessarily slow down the performance of your Mac.

With the Mini Standing-by menu bar, this mac optimizing app shows you memory usage and the status of network & firewall. The menu bar also offers you to clean cache, memory, trash & optimize DNS in a single click.

With Virus Scan feature, Macbooster 8 secures your Mac computer against viruses all the time. It can remove and eliminate Malware from your Mac. It will check all your system security settings to make sure they are in the activated status.

MacBooster 8 clears the browser cache along with eliminating malicious tracking data from browsers and third-party apps to keep you secure while online.

Mac Booster 8


Deletes junk files & large files.
The tool locates junk files and removes them with ease. If your mac has large & old files on your computer, it detects them and allows you to choose to keep or delete them.

Removes malware and virus to protect your Mac.
It can search and remove malware and viruses from your computer to keep it secure all the time.

Uninstall Apps completely.
With its powerful uninstallation feature, you can uninstall apps along with the residual and junk files on your computer.

Scans and Deletes Duplicate Files
It can search and delete duplicate files on your Mac & recovers lost space in a few moments.

Clears malicious tracking data
It clears malicious browser cookies which can track or get your personal information compromised.

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  1. Shannon Hardman
    The process was quick and easy. And the whole process completed within a few minutes. review by Shannon Hardman on 03/05/2023

    The process was quick and easy. And the whole process completed within a few minutes.

  2. Babak Tanha
    Best I ever see review by Babak Tanha on 21/02/2023

    Best I ever see

  3. David L.
    Easy and efficient online service. review by David L. on 29/01/2023

    Very efficient and quick service.

  4. Niculae
    Wonderful, helpful and professional staff, great price review by Niculae on 18/10/2022

    Wonderful, helpful and professional staff, great price

  5. j Kelz
    Very easy and fast purchase review by j Kelz on 23/09/2022

    Very easy and fast purchase

  6. John Higgins
    Wonderful Experience review by John Higgins on 06/09/2022

    Found what I was looking for at a cheaper price than anywhere else. Wonderful Experience

  7. CMO
    Works without problems review by CMO on 22/08/2022

    Directly after payment I've got my keys. I was up and running in minutes.

  8. Cliente
    Perfetti, puntuali complimenti. review by Cliente on 06/09/2021

    Perfetti, puntuali complimenti.

  9. Kunde
    Nice review by Kunde on 05/08/2021

    Schnell und hat Key hat funktioniert.

  10. Cliente
    Rápido y claro! review by Cliente on 27/06/2021

    Rápido y claro!

  11. Client
    Nothing to say. review by Client on 22/06/2021

    Nothing to say. all perfect

  12. Forzafred
    Bonjoir super rapide simple merci review by Forzafred on 31/05/2021

    Bonjoir super rapide simple merci

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