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  • ApowerREC - 1 Device (Lifetime) ApowerREC - 1 Device (Lifetime)

ApowerREC - 1 Device (Lifetime)

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ApowerREC is the ultimate screen recorder for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS. It is full-featured but lightweight with intuitive and friendly user interface. You can use it to record anything on your screen including your desktop activities, live streaming videos, web meetings, and so on.

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Task Recording
Create scheduled recording tasks to record PC screen \ webcam at a specific time automatically, setting the start and stop recording time as you want.

Zoom Recording
Zoom in on a certain part of area during screen recording by using default shortcut key F10, enlarging the recording content you want to show specifically.

Locked Windows Recording
Record a specific window or program exclusively, and the recording process won't be interrupted even when you are using other programs.

Spotlight Recording
Emphasize certain part of the recorded screen by using default shortcut key F4, highlighting the screen recording details.

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  1.  Samdo
    Its really easy to use review by Samdo on 25/04/2023

    I need it, i really do

  2. Mike
    I recommend it to everyone review by Mike on 14/02/2023

    It's great and easy to use.

  3.  JJ Sprowl
    Just Perfect review by JJ Sprowl on 01/11/2022

    Im complitly satisficed with keysoff. Everything was perfect, I highly recomend it.

  4. Cristian
    Great service. Quick delivery! review by Cristian on 01/11/2022

    Great service. Quick delivery!

  5. Preston Spencer
    Good deals, no problems review by Preston Spencer on 29/09/2022

    Good deals, no problems but if any appear I trust they will be resolved quickly.

  6. Pat Weir
    The key is great value and works well. review by Pat Weir on 13/04/2022

    The key is great value and works well.

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