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Permute 3 for Mac - Lifetime Subscription

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Permute is a quick image, audio, and video converter. You can use it for files of all formats because Permute can convert anything into anything (almost). For water to wine conversion you’d have to refer to other authorities, but media files can become whatever format you need them to. Plus, Permute also has some additional goodies like merging two videos in one or adding a subtitle track.



Video converter
What’s good about Permute is that you don’t have to get MP4 converter or FLV converter specifically. Instead you have an any video converter, which deals with all possible formats. You can quickly convert video you’ve uploaded into one of the dozens of formats and it literally takes one click.


Image converter
Also, instead of opening those Photoshops, Illustrators, and Sketches to convert image from JPG to PNG, you can drop it into Permute. Two clicks and your pictures are ready. The image converter has anything you might need: BMP, GIF, and even TIFF.


Audio converter
What goes for video, goes just as well for the music converter in Permute. You drag an audio file into the app and choose what you need it turned into. Whatever you need, be it Apple Lossless or FLAC, Permute has your back. Drop, choose, done.

Video editing
A few neat things about Permute is that it can also merge two videos into one for you. That’s pretty cool, considering you don’t have to use complex video editing software or look for online tools to take care of it. Right click on the clip of choice and select “Merge with”, done.

Video to audio converter
This is a tricky moment for most converters, but Permute doesn’t have a trouble converting video files into audio as well. This way if you only need an audio track from the video you liked, you can have it, no need to look for it separately. Voiceovers and interviews, all yours to use.


Converting to ISO
Get your files easily prepared for burning on a DVD (if you’re in need of a DVD, my oldschool friend) or for a virtual drive. Any file can be converted into ISO format, which is exactly what you need to make it burnable.

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  1. Kelly
    Great product and website. review by Kelly on 25/08/2022

    Great product and website.

  2. Jackie - Cheshire
    I was extremely pleased with the price of the cd key I purchased. It was the lowest I could find on the net. review by Jackie - Cheshire on 21/12/2021

    I was extremely pleased with the price of the cd key I purchased. It was the lowest I could find on the net.

  3. Puroht
    Prices are always great. review by Puroht on 09/12/2021

    Prices are always great. My friends always have me purchase for them and surprised when i say how much it is.

  4. Nancy
    Excellent service review by Nancy on 05/12/2021

    very quick delivery of key

  5. graham strugnell
    fast ordering time value for your money review by graham strugnell on 11/11/2021

    fast ordering time value for your money

    Bought a top up code and got instant delivery review by SPENCER DAVIES on 06/09/2021

    Bought a top up code and got instant delivery - Can't really grumble at that can you!

  7. Kunde
    Nur weiter zu empfehlen review by Kunde on 04/08/2021

    Es war mega einfach und die Seite hat super Preise. Nur weiter zu empfehlen

  8. Rafael
    Rápidos y Fiables review by Rafael on 27/06/2021

    Rápidos y Fiables

  9. Customer
    fast and really good review by Customer on 22/06/2021

    fast and really good

  10. Liam
    YES! review by Liam on 31/05/2021

    Reliable and fast!

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