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  • Gecata by Movavi 6- PC Gecata by Movavi 6- PC

Gecata by Movavi 6- PC( Lifetime)

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Activation instructions:

This product can activate one device for a single user and be used for life. It only supports minor version upgrades. For example: v6.x

Gecata by Movavi is a game recording and live streaming software for Windows that provides multiple functions such as displaying real-time frame rate, video editing and conversion, and quick screenshots. The operation is simple and optimized for more than 100 games.

High quality game screen recording
Supports recording of game footage up to 4K 120FPS, and can overlay the anchor footage recorded by the camera

Professional-grade live streaming
Provides functions such as simultaneous recording/streaming of internal and external audio and video, and presets the server addresses of 50+ live broadcast platforms

Overlay information
Supports overlay display in games/videos: remaining disk space, recording duration, shortcut keys, etc.

Video editing and conversion
Built-in video cutting, format conversion, quality adjustment and other functions, resolution and frame rate can be adjusted independently

Custom shortcut keys
Customizable shortcut keys for recording/live broadcast start and stop, showing/hiding overlays, screenshots, etc.

More practical functions
There are also rich functions such as recording during live broadcast, automatic recording in game mode, GPU hardware acceleration, etc.

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