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  • Ashampoo Music Studio 10 Ashampoo Music Studio 10

Ashampoo Music Studio 10

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Ashampoo Music Studio 10, a music editing, conversion, and mixing software, is your music's "Swiss Army knife." It provides a comprehensive set of tools for easy music and audio file editing, production, trimming, mixing, and organization.

Eight good reasons to buy Ashampoo Music Studio 10 now!

Ashampoo Music Studio 10's powerful features let you make the most of your music collection! It has eight useful modules, from precise audio editing to track cutting and burning, that are a music lover's dream come true. The power and efficacy of Ashampoo Music Studio 10 are combined with ease of use: With Ashampoo Music Studio 10, you can easily convert, mix, and organize your song libraries, create, edit, and print custom cover artwork, and use disc ripping to build and expand your music collection.

  1. Loop-support for audio previews
  2. Easy rearrangement with title bars
  3. Context menu for quick feature access
  4. Instant split tracks into three segments
  5. Tag editor now supports 18 different tag types
  6. Assign multiple images per track
  7. Easy and logical track repositioning
  8. Feature groups for better clarity
  9. Significantly enhanced performance in various program sections

Looping previews
You can now select not only portions inside but also across tracks and have them playback continuously. This makes your life a lot easier e.g., when you're stitching parts together, because you can now instantly hear the changes as they're happening.

More details and easier handling with title bars
Each track now has a dedicated title bar to help you to keep them apart and to make dragging and rearranging them easier. Mixing and editing tracks has just become a lot more intuitive!

It's all about context
Use the right-click context menu for instant feature access and save time–or rely on the enhanced tool bar. The choice is yours.

Splitting made easy
Splitting tracks at the current marker position is nice but with Ashampoo Music Studio 10, you can use selections to instantly split tracks into three parts based on the start and end of each selection. This is especially handy when you want to apply the equalizer only to the middle part.

More tags for your tracks
Tags enrich your songs with details such as artist, genre, etc. Ashampoo Music Studio 10 supports 18 different types of tags for even more meaningful metadata - a treat for perfectionists and genuine music lovers!

There can only be one? Not any more!
There's more to music artwork than just a cover photo. Booklet, band photo, or back of the sleeve, you can now add multiple photos to your songs.

It's only logical
Features are now logically grouped in the editor with availability based upon context. This means, when you're editing multiple tracks at once, we'll only enable features that apply in that setting so you'll be visually less distracted and will achieve your goal faster!

Small things matter too
You can now use smart positioning to rearrange tracks with high precision e.g., to smoothly blend tracks together. You can also apply tags by category or convert between audio formats without losing existing tags. Details matter, and Ashampoo Music Studio 10 respects that!

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  1.  Benjamin Gulden
    Great place to get codes review by Benjamin Gulden on 13/07/2023

    Great place to get codes! Highly reccomend!

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    Instant delivery review by Roshan J on 05/07/2023

    Secure transaction. Instant delivery. Amazing service alltogether.

  3.  John Haney
    Low price. Fast delivery (e-mail) Possibility of assigning a key to a Microsoft account. Key working. review by John Haney on 04/07/2023

    Low price. Fast delivery (e-mail) Possibility of assigning a key to a Microsoft account. Key working.

  4. Steven C.
    All good review by Steven C. on 28/06/2023

    No troubles, installed and activated perfectly, everything works!

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