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  • Ashampoo Photo Optimizer 10 Ashampoo Photo Optimizer 10

Ashampoo Photo Optimizer 10 - PC

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  1. The permanent version only supports minor version updates (v10.x).
  2. It is recommended that you register your own software account before activating the software on your device so that you can reset and reactivate it directly in your software account when you change to another device later on.

Photos are priceless memories and capture special moments in our lives. But they don't always work as expected and leave room for improvement. Ashampoo Photo Optimizer 10 helps you get the most out of your photos with one click and achieve excellent results almost instantly and automatically - even with convenient batch processing!

  1. Brilliant perspective corrections for natural lines
  2. Significantly enhanced image auto-optimization
  3. Super-fast feature access through Favorites
  4. Manual color temperature adjustments
  5. Tonal curve adjustments
  6. Improved memory management for better stability and speed
  7. 64-bit optimized

New in Ashampoo Photo Optimizer 10⁠

Stunning visual transformations for your photos!

Ashampoo Photo Optimizer is well-know for its ability to quickly enhance and edit any number of images almost fully automatically. Version 10 takes it one step further: New lookup table (LUT) support opens the door to thousands of artistic effects that modify color, saturation, and brightness values at the click of a button to create stunning atmospheres from cold and factual to warm and colorful! Pick from over 30 built-in and expertly crafted LUTs and transform your photos into brilliant works of art at the click of a button!

  1. On-demand visual mood swings with LUTs
  2. Change multiple color values in a single click
  3. More than 30 stunning LUTs included
  4. Download and use LUTs from the internet
  5. Create visual consistency across photo series

Ashampoo Photo Optimizer 10 key

Perfect results almost instantly
You can spend hours meticulously optimizing every aspect of your photos in search of the perfect look–or you can achieve the same in seconds using our lookup tables crafted by image editing experts. Dissatisfied with the lighting of a whole series of shots? Looking for that uniform exposure across your photo collection? LUTs will fix these issues and add the visual harmony and polish your shots deserve! From now on, visual excellence may always be just one click away!

Level up your vacation, wedding, and party shots!
Straighten misaligned shots, fix perspective errors, or apply a whole range of beautiful effects. Minor issues like red eyes, skin imperfections or stains are now easily fixable. Save time and nerves and achieve stunning results almost instantly with Photo Optimizer!

Important basics and creative freedom
Naturally, Ashampoo Photo Optimizer includes all the usual suspects like image cropping, rotating, watermarking, and softening. But it doesn't stop there. Feel free to get creative with artistic effects and elegant frame designs. Whether you're recovering failed shots, cranking up the image quality by another 5% or just having fun, this is the program for you!

The lifesaver for your vacation shots
Visual blemishes are detected and fixed through careful image analysis. Our carefully crafted algorithm fully automatically optimizes colors, contrasts, and exposure times for single shots or entire collections, turning underwhelming shots into brilliant photos!

A matter of perspective!
Taking shots of buildings often leads to unpleasant, and easily noticeable, perspective distortions, due to the position of the photographer. Buildings and other tall objects almost seem to fall over, putting an unintended comical spin on your photos. Other times, you forgot to bring your tripod and failed to keep your camera completely straight. Enter Photo Optimizer's new perspective correction! Fix horizontal or vertical distortions in just a few clicks and save shots that would have otherwise gone straight to the bin. Give your photos a second chance and get the right perspective, always!

More ease-of-use through favorites
We all have our favorite functions that we most frequently rely on. Now, you no longer have to navigate through various menus and categories to reach them. Ashampoo Photo Optimizer features a customizable "Favorites" menu so you can bundle all your favorite functions in a single instantly accessible location. Need to quickly straighten the horizon after auto-optimization, fix the perspective or do some cropping? Now you can. Genius, right?

Enhance white balance and intensify contrast spreads
White balance is pivotal to the color temperature of your images. Digital cameras are particularly prone to the dreaded bluish cast and dull colors. This leads to photos that seem lifeless and completely devoid of the magic of the moment. Low-contrast images, often due to poor lighting, are another common issue. With the help of custom white balance and contrast spread settings, Photo Optimizer can breathe new life into these otherwise ruined shots! Both features are part of auto-optimization and will auto-enable whenever appropriate!

Photo editing in just a few clicks
The user interface in Photo Optimizer is truly self-explanatory. Functions are arranged into intuitively named categories and never more than two clicks away. Where other photo editors have you wade through manuals, Photo Optimizer gives you results instantly! Everything is simple and logical, there's practically no learning curve. Whether you're a beginner or an advanced user, or maybe you just don't want to spend hours with image tweaking, Ashampoo Photo Optimizer is the program for you.

Ashampoo Photo Optimizer 10

Versatile export features
Good photos deserve to be seen. That's why we're offering various ways in Photo Optimizer to share your photos with others. This includes email, the free Ashampoo Web and even just setting photos as your desktop background image. If you'd rather go the traditional route and print your photos, you'll love the feature-rich print dialog that not only creates high-quality but also space-efficient print outs, if needed.

Features for perfectionists and creatives
Many sophisticated features are available to those seeking to go beyond auto-optimization. Whether you need to sharpen or soften individual portions, Photo Optimizer offers well-designed tools for every use case. Reduce irritating image noise, adjust color temperatures or crop your images. And for the artist in you, we've also included multiple effects like waves, swirls, even implosion and explosion. There's ample room to experiment.

Naturally-looking portrait enhancements
Faces are the focus of many photos, yet they seldom come out perfect! Enhance your portraits automatically or manually with Photo Optimizer. Fix red eyes and whiten teeth for that dazzling smile. Fix minor glitches with the clone tool and remove stains and other impurities like a pro. Create perfect yet naturally looking portraits in just a few clicks!

Comfortable batch processing
Since Ashampoo Photo Optimizer does so much fully automatically, we've included batch processing to save you time and nerves while the program processes your entire photo library in one go. Select individual images from various sources or entire folders and have Photo Optimizer work its magic. Every image is meticulously analyzed and its quality optimized according to its specific characteristics. Batch-process an entire vacation in one go, polish your wedding or birthday shots and put the fun back into photography.

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    Purchased a key for Ashampoo Photo Optimizer 10. Received a working key within a couple mins. Followed instructions and it activated 100%

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