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  • Kaspersky Internet Security Multi Device 2020 / 3 Devices (2 Years) Kaspersky Internet Security Multi Device 2020 / 3 Devices (2 Years)

Kaspersky Internet Security Multi Device 2020 / 3 Devices (2 Years) [EU]

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Note:This product is only available in EU!!!
Kaspersky Internet Security Multi Device can be available for PCs,Macs and Androids.
Kaspersky Internet Security Multi Device 2020 - 3 Devices - 2 Years
It has these functions as follows:
It can block suspicious apps,website and files. what is more, it also can stop spyware monitoring calls,text and location.And it includes Anti-Theft tools to protect your privacy datas from leaking.
When you are viewing some websites, it will stop the website that you are looking through to track your activities and collect your privacy datas.Therefore, you do not receive annoying advertisements.The web camera it owns will prevent there apps which you do not have authorization to access from visiting.
Our Vpn protect your all these datas from your sending and receiving online by encrypted tunnel.By Kaspersky Internet Security, you are allowed hide your visiting records.And it can prevent hackers from stealing your emails,bank information and private datas.In adittion that you can ask for its help to unlock web,movies and live sports from all over the worlds.
It will protect your payment online if you choose our bank-grade protection brower.You need not worry that your bank card information and financial datas are stealing.Besides IE and Safai, it also can be compatible with your Firefox and Chrome browsers in oreder that you can save your passwords,bookmarks and perferrences when you launch protected browsers.
If you are afraid that your kids may be attacted by web.It is best choice to help you to monitor your kids activities online.
It has premium password manager to make your passwords,band card details and important image and files into the one safety box and only you can unlock it.

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    Parfait review by Client on 06/08/2021

    Simple,rapide,efficace et sécurisé rien à redire

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