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  • Bitdefender SOS 5 Devices / 1 Year Bitdefender SOS 5 Devices / 1 Year

Bitdefender SOS 5 Devices / 1 Year [EU]

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Note:This product is only suitable for the following countries in Europe: ANDORRA, AUSTRIA, BELGIUM, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Portugal, Principality of Monaco San Marino, Spain, Swiss, United Kingdom and Vatican CITY!

You get the most innovative technologies that predict, prevent, detect and remediate even the latest cyber-threats.

Bitdefender SOS 5 Devices 1 Year


Complete protection for your Windows, macOS, Android and iOS devices

Bitdefender Small Office Security keeps your business safe against ransomware and all new and existing cyber threats.

Data breach protection

Regardless of the size, experience or volume of your business, you need the best defense against fraud. Bitdefender Small Office Security prevents data breaches and secures your clients' personal and financial data.

Installation in under 5 minutes

Bitdefender Small Office Security features a highly intuitive and user-friendly interface that's easy to install, configure and personalize according to your business needs.

Easy management, with no IT skills required

Bitdefender Small Office Security provides a single management console for centralized control of your Windows, Android, macOS or iOS devices.

Performance for your business

Bitdefender Small Office Security is light on system resources so productivity is not affected by system slowdowns.

Safe online banking

Secure transactions by processing your payments in a dedicated browser to prevent fraud and financial data theft.

200MB daily VPN traffic for fast, anonymous and secure online activity

Keep your business private. Protect your bank info, passwords and downloads from hackers, especially while using Wi-Fi on public networks.


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  1. A. Orth
    Good service. review by A. Orth on 27/05/2022

    Good service.

  2. Myssä
    Achat rapide review by Myssä on 15/08/2021

    Achat rapide, obtention de la clé tout aussi rapide, donc tout est pour le mieux

  3. Fernando Cepeda
    Como siempre rápido y sin fallos review by Fernando Cepeda on 09/08/2021

    Como siempre rápido y sin fallos

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